Friday, February 10, 2017

Favorite Series on Netflix

I don't usually watch TV series on Netflix, but when I do I watch I usually watch Prison Break. Prison Break is a series about two bother trying to escape the police. Lincoln Burrows is played my Dominic Purcell, he got set up and was charged with murder. His punishment was death. Meanwhile his bother Micheal Scofeild who is played by Wentworth Miller is planning how to break him out.

I first got introduced to this series back in 2015, I was over at my friends house to be driven to school and they were watching it. I asked what they were watching and they told me Prison Break. So when I got home that day I started watching it. I got through the first 2 episode and I didn't think it was good so I stopped watching for a little. Then I was ask my friend for any good movies on Netflix's.